O’Chiese Band Manager Notes to you…Community Members


December 31, 2019


Good Day, Community members…December is usually filled with anticipation, presents, reflections and thoughts of the new year and what will it bring.   We hope that everyone had a safe Merry Christmas filled with family and love. Sometimes this month brings sadness as well and we hope that knowing that we are close knit community you find comfort in your loved ones and know that the community also is with you. Our Elders are dear to us so remember to visit them as much as you can.  Time does not stand still, and the world keeps turning. Another day will bring all the emotions that we can choose from and another day brings hope and hopefully more love and care.  So, with that, we wish all the health, prosperity and hope for the New Year!!!


This past year brought major changes to our staffing, more responsibilities and opportunities for our own people. We hired Valerie Strawberry as our Finance Manager, Tania Daychief as our Interim Health Services Manager, and for our Business Investment Center, Dion Willier is the Executive Director and Alice Peters as our Executive Manager. Welcome to our Band members who have done the work to build their capacities to fulfill their new positions and Welcome to those who are from another Nation , we wish you well in your new endeavors and do not forget our Nation will assist in any way it can.  Thank you to those who are moving on to other new endeavors, we wish you success. For us at the Nation, there are positions we need to fill; so, watch for those postings.


We had many events in the month of December such as the regulars: PCD, Community luncheon, and staff xmas dinner, each event well attended, and fun had by all. In addition, people also brought for the Nation’s food bank. Our Leaders continue to support and attend our community events sometimes at the same time and sometimes not…other meetings still interfere with our community events; however, the Leaders know that our events are important to you and they try to attend.  Usually we try not to schedule meetings during this time, but sometimes in our case, meetings do not stop. 


Thank you and talk to you next month,

Beatrice Carpentier, O’Chiese First Nation Band Manager