O’Chiese Band Manager Notes to you…Community Members


February 29, 2020

Somehow February came and went, the good thing was that there was a Valentine’s day, Family Day, Non-Bullying Day and that March is upon us and we can look forward to spring!  Spring usually brings spring cleaning, new thinking and possibly a brighter future; essentially, we smile and do more.


February was full of meetings; some meetings were fruitful, some meetings were about planning, and others highlighted the issues that are apparent in our community. Overall, when you turn the coin over, it looks fairly optimistic and we have work to do.


This month was very busy for the S.A./Post-Secondary Education as they were preparing to educate Home Care Aides with the assistance of Red Deer College and our Saulteaux class.  The Saulteaux class is preparing our students to translate medical words with our words so that our students are better prepared and essentially pass the course.  A big thank you goes to the Alberta works training funding program, Red Deer College, Health Centre Nurses, Jessica, Marilyn, Joyce and Reba (Saulteaux Teacher) for assisting, organizing and agreeing to set up the program. We have 11 Students currently enrolled in the program.


Administration and Business/Investment Centre also combined efforts to assist with their planning and also to plan where we can combine our efforts to make a plan together to use each other and our resources of people to provide a collaborative approach to ensuring that we are training our people in a better way and reducing the constant turnover of staff. Administration will be doing their strategic planning in March 18-20, 2020. We will keep in mind the collaborative efforts.  Already the Marketplace, OCFN School, S.A and Property Management are doing their part of the collaboration by provision of Students to start gaining experience by offering afterschool employment and building small homes.  When we work together, things just seem to happen, and we need to acknowledge the positives as we go forward. 


Our OCFN School acknowledged the bullying in our schools, pink shirt day…we sometimes, need to learn from our children.


We had a community meeting where Administration and Business/Investment Centre presented to the community.  We learned that the primary thought in the majority of our public’s mind is each other, what we are not doing and what we are doing is not enough.


Justice Elders keep meeting although there is not a big crowd as there once was but they keep meeting, thank you to those Elders.  Corrine and I went and did a pitch for funding and we were successful, so we can do a bit more in this area.  We congratulate and welcome Nancy Whitehorse as our Elders Justice Worker. 


A big thanks to the Health Centre and its NNDAP program for putting together a very informative Opioid Workshop, inviting Dr. Tailfeathers and her staff from the Blood reserve to come and inform us of their program.  This maybe something we can do in stages.  The question than would be is who, how, what and when can we do something.  Unfortunately, there are struggles especially when it comes to our loved ones. It is hard to be bold we must admit we have a problem and admit we can’t do it alone we have to work together. The process will be hard, but we all know that we love that is why it is difficult…It seems to be again, what do we really want…and how come we cannot get there?


The Nation as a government has many issues, programs and circumstances to deal with and one of those circumstances is money.  Budgets are on all Manager’s minds as year-end is March and this brings Audits, the passing of budgets and so the Leadership had to pass theirs this month.  As you know the economy is also impacting our Nation, so we need to be a little tighter with our Financial and internal controls policy for the next little while. 


So, with that have a great March month and hopefully, it goes better than February…hopefully, we will be a bit more kinder to one another, ensure that we are working for wellness and be with those who have lost a loved one this past month, condolences goes out to the family. 


Thank you and talk to you next month,

Beatrice Carpentier, O’Chiese First Nation Band Manager