O’Chiese Band Manager Notes to you…Community Members


June 30, 2020




Hope everyone is enjoying the outdoors as much as possible. The weather finally seems to be more like summer now unfortunately June brings lots of rain. As our people come back to work, we are well aware of the distancing, the mask wearing and constant cleaning and washing of hands.  We are so glad that people are still keeping the distancing and wearing masks when going to town or anywhere. We know it is still very risky as Edmonton has now surpassed Calgary in covid-19, we still need to be very cautious and careful.


The Leadership requested that we get our Students working so we are in the midst of that. We have posted the position. We are changing the student program a bit. We have 3 sets of students: Post Secondary, 16-18 year (high school) and 14 year to 15-year-old age groups.  These are the age groups, you must be returning to school, you need to have been in school all year and you must be from the Nation.  We will be concentrating on Career oriented work placements.  The Managers of the Nation will become more involved in your learning.  We want you to begin thinking about what you want to do for the future and set some goals in mind.  Your first week will be all about orientation, listening to the Managers, Leaders and filling out paperwork.  We are pleased to revamp the Summer Student program and happy to welcome all the new students in their new roles within the Nation. 


As you drive on our roadways, you notice that there are certain areas requiring repair, please slow down as our Public Works department begins work on our roadways.  Do not forget they are our Band Members, relatives, brothers, sisters and or sons, please slow down as they make the necessary road repairs.


Thank you and talk to you next month,

Beatrice Carpentier, BSW

O’Chiese First Nation Band Manager