O’Chiese Band Manager Notes to you…Community Members



March 29, 2020


Hello community, we are working really hard to keep our community safe and all its members safe from the covid-19 virus and at the same time prepare for worst case scenarios. Chief and Councils first priority is to maintain basic necessities for life and that is why they started with providing an emergency grocery fund to all head of household band members including our ordinarily resident on-reserve members (off-reserve band members) which should arrive by April 1, 2020. The Leadership also established traditional food gatherers as an essential service providing over 60 freezer bags of cultural foods to heads of households, elders and families.


The Leadership have established and directed staff as of Tuesday March 31, 2020 to implement the Road Monitoring Curfew. There are a series of questions that you need to politely answer to help reduce the risk of covid-19 from entering our vulnerable community. All vehicles must stop and adhere to the road monitoring instructions and procedures. The Nations curfew will begin March 31, 2020 12am-5am 7 days a week 24 hours per day. Thank you in advance for adhering to the curfew and politely answering the road monitoring questions. Remember ALL VEHICLES MUST STOP for the them.


O’Chiese Chief and Council will continue to update the website www.ochiese.ca and have created a facebook page ochieseleadership to provide updated communication to its members. Please join the ochieseleadership facebook group and check the website for up to date information.


While you are isolating, stay home and stay in the community as much as possible we have had and will have essential services team members come to your home for surveys, repairs, testing and monitoring. Please ensure your pet dogs are tied up and maintain social distancing at all times (6 feet apart). Some of these home visits will require staff to be in protective gear to ensure everyone’s safety.


The school is providing online options for students to continue learning and as well as providing weekly take home kits which the parents/guardians can pick up weekly. Parents/guardians/elders this is an opportunity to teach the Saulteaux language to your family as well as to teach daily life activities budgeting, cooking, sewing, small woodworking projects. Etc.


To our Staff who are working from home remember this is not a holiday now is the time to catch up on reports, seek out and write proposals, and compile your departments information for updating the O’Chiese website. Work on budges, strategies and for your departments to make an emergency plan where you can help; create a document that we can use when we come back to work in the office. For our staff safety and our economy O’Chiese Leadership is promoting and encouraging our staff to remain employed working from home, so staff please do your part and work hard as there is much to do especially since our first home visit questionnaire revealed many situations that need attention, addressing and improvement.


Thank you to the Treaty 6 Right to Health Pestilence and Famine Pandemic Emergency Management Team and Chief and Council, as well as those who are taking precautions to reduce the risk for our vulnerable community.; Please do your part: Maintain physical distancing (6 ft or 2 meters), Avoid crowds; do not hug/shake hands; wash your hands often; isolate; (do not touch your face: nose, mouth, eyes); work from home; please clean surfaces daily: technology such as computers and cell phones, counter tops, taps and widely used surfaces, light switches, door knobs, remotes, and high traffic areas, as well as bedding if you are ill. PLEASE IF YOU ARE SICK: STAY HOME!


Let’s stay informed, maintain social distancing, stay home and stay in our community as directed by our Chief and Council



Beatrice Carpentier, BSW

O’Chiese First Nation Band Manager