Ahneen, I am very pleased to write my first article for the O’Chiese Newsletter in the capacity of Band Manager and to reflect on what has transpired to date.


I was officially appointed Band Manager April 29, 2013.  I understand the position comes with great challenges, greater responsibility and of course, greater interaction with members, industry and funding agencies.  With two months under my belt, I give great credit to Beatrice Carpentier.  She has left behind a great legacy in establishing a transparent and accountable nation.  I wish her well on her future endeavors.  So with that, it’s a great honor to step up and work directly with the current leadership and serving our members.


My philosophy on management is about transparency, accountability and being more informational.  We have hired two new office staff to accompany the management philosophy.   Dan Sculean is the replacement as Finance Manager. His employment is a direct transition from our Auditors; he has his accounting designation and obviously a tremendous background in Auditing.  Marcy Cardinal is our new Office Manager; she will be responsible in the areas of Human Resources, Benefits Administrator, and Finance.  The new composition will endure challenges but it will also continue to make our Nation accountable. 


Our staff retreat in Banff was a success.  We wanted to give our staff a work away from work time; to educate them on band philosophies, work ethics, and basically time away to reflect on the privilege of working for our Nation.


Our Treaty day festivities were dampened weather wise but not our spirits; we did have our annuities handed out, and Arnold Kootenay (AK) did a great job being our MC for the day.  We did have our BBQ and Comedian Derrick Starlight was back once again to perform a puppeteer comedy act to our young crowd.  We have rescheduled some treaty events to Canada Day; this includes prizes, races, wiener roast, fireworks and the hypnotist show. 


July has a lot on its plate before a quiet window of vacations for a lot of our staff and leadership; we look forward to the Annual Elders Trip.  The O’Chiese Bus will be transporting our members to Post Falls, Idaho for a pow-wow.  This annual trip is in honor of the Elders guidance, wisdom and longevity.  

Until next month… I hope everyone has a safe summer. 


Respectfully, Allan Littlejohn, O’Chiese Band Manager