O’Chiese Band Manager Notes to you…Community Members


November 27, 2019


Well another event filled month I will start with the Residency Bylaw agreement with O’Chiese and Sunchild First Nation. We have had several community meetings and discussions on initiatives to make our Nations safer as we are very community and family oriented. The residency bylaw can be found on the O’Chiese website atwww.ochiese.ca under bylaws drop down menu. Many meetings and hard work went into creating this document.


We held the Off-Reserve Community Meeting in Edmonton and the community had many good questions mostly around the trustee information and our leaders were happy to answer all the questions. There was good food, department information booths and many door prizes from the departments and Chief and Council.


Our elders have had many meetings with the Justice Department and the meeting with the Saddle Lake Elders in Edmonton which led to very informative and important discussions regarding our future endeavors. We also had ministerial meetings and are planning to attend the AFN meetings in Ottawa in the beginning of December.


I want to welcome our new finance manager, Valerie Strawberry, to her new position and to thank the elders and leadership for all their hard work, learning and planning that they do for the future betterment of our Nation and future generations. We attend so many important meetings and make many important decisions which requires a lot of learning about many different topics such as oil/ gas/ solar/ business and economic initiatives/ health and government lingo and initiatives. It is time consuming and important work with the interest of the future at the forefront. Thank you to the staff who did a great job preparing documents and booths at the off reserve meeting.


In the next month the Nation will be busy with festivities please join the turkey dinners and luncheons and have a safe and happy holidays.



Thank you and talk to you next month,

Beatrice Carpentier, O’Chiese First Nation Band Manager