O’Chiese Band Manager Notes to you…Community Members


October 1, 2019


A little history, since July 2019, becoming your Band Manager, which of course, I am here to do my best to ensure that your Leaders can count on someone to assist them in building your future.  Remember we are human, and we do make mistakes but importantly, we have some wins and successes.  We had a By-Election, Congratulations to Councillor, Cleon Strawberry!  We also had some staff changes that added our people in those positions, mostly in Management positions and we finished the audit early.  We are still making important changes to the administration.  Finally our School is running with a high number of our own students so congratulations moms/dads/grandparents/aunties/uncles and other family members who encourage our students to go to school!


During the months of July to October, the Chief and Councillors were very busy with important meetings with you, your Elders, staff, department Managers and legal updates.  Just as important, there were also meetings with Federal Minister Bennett, Minister O’Regan, Provincial Premier Jason Kenny, Minister of Indigenous Relations, Treaty 6. 7 & 8 Chiefs, YTC Chiefs, and our Neighbors.  The Leadership have joined with Sunchild First Nation in removing the opioid crisis in our community. We have had 3 successful meetings in which everyone from our community is welcome to attend.  It has been great to see the youth at these meetings.  There have been a few great outcomes of all these meetings.  Incidentally we did have some small holidays, the Elders had a great time at Elvis Presley’s home and they sure enjoyed themselves. The youth went to Seattle and they also enjoyed the vacation. 


During some of these meetings Chief and Council have requested that the Department Heads and myself communicate with and to you about our service and our services, the challenges we are facing, the successes and what is next in the coming months.  The Leaders believed that the people, you, are not aware of our programs, our roles, what we do, who funds us, why we are not at the office and why we meet and travel. We are happy to report that it is now mostly our Nation members who are now the Managers of many of our departments, we believe in our people and it is important that we rise to the occasion and that we provide these services to our people and community to the best of our ability and for our future.


In the upcoming month because I am the primary Technician for Treaty Chiefs in the Alberta Region on Chiefs Committee on Emergency Management, I will be Ottawa 15-17, 2018.  Our Leaders will be in Calgary for oil and gas meetings. Then the leaders will be at the Nation for a couple of days then in Edmonton for a couple of days meeting with our off reserve members…planning and implementation of our Leadership plans for the next while, bear with us as we plan and go forward and we look forward to meeting with you all. 


Thank you and talk to you next month,

Beatrice Carpentier, O’Chiese First Nation Band Manager