Ah neen, this is my first term as a leader. I would like to give you a brief description of myself so you can get to know who I really am. My employment history is in various jobs such as construction, rigs, CHR, youth worker, housing director, renovating homes, plumber, carpenter, and many others.


My short term goals for O’Chiese First Nation are to get the kids into more physical and cultural activities. For example: a skate park and outdoor arena as well as the children to have more knowledge of the elders, sweats, and ceremonies. More short term goals are to get the elders involved in programs like health and to learn about the health system. My long term goals for O’Chiese First Nation are to get an arena, swimming pool, Pow wow grounds, more Pow wow dancers, hospital, doctors, optometrists and health workers.


I believe O’Chiese First Nation successes are that band members communicate with the Chief and Council about what their needs are. We will try and if possible, fulfill the community needs. For example, it came from the people that they wanted a coach bus to take the elders to go somewhere and we did it! It came from the people that we need more people finishing school so we bought housing in Edmonton for the students to rent to reduce barriers to achieving their education. The best thing about working for O’Chiese First Nation is the people. When we succeed in something, the people are happy. In the end, the hard work we do for the people pays off because we see them smiling, it is a good feeling. It is gratifying when you see our people happy. The one wish I have for O’Chiese First Nation is to have a hockey academy for our nation. If we get scholarships, it would give them a boost in whatever they want to do.


My hobbies are hockey, horses, and collecting model cars because I used to build model cars. I am inspired by my dad because when I was growing up he told me one thing: I was having a hard time, he tapped me on the shoulder and said “whatever you do in life don’t give up”. Today when I feel down those words pop into my head and that makes me try harder. My biggest support is my girl because when she is stuck in a situation she asks me and I try and give her the support she needs and when I am stuck, she gives me good feedback.


My wish for the elders is to have more interaction with leadership and with members. I wish the elders could have an elder lodge for palliative care. I also wish for the elders to have more trips as they enjoy their breaks. I wish for the children to have a hockey academy to succeed in sports. I do not want them quitting school and living on welfare. I want them to finish school, go to college and university. This world is changing, we are getting older, and they need to take over the political side of our nation.


My overall message to the community is “whatever you do in life don’t ever give up!”


Respectfully, Chief Douglas Beaverbones