We have big plans for our community over the next two year! My motto is ‘One Vision, One Voice, One Heart!’


As Chief along with Council, Elders and staff our initial focus will be to unite our Nation and strengthen our culture.


Sunchild and O’Chiese have a common problem and we need to unite to talk about the drug problem within our communities as it is affecting our youth and elders we are going to do something about it. We have a meeting with Sunchild First Nation on July 2, 2019 and I’m excited to bring our community together to fight these epidemics.


Our nation looks good in the future. We are going to keep moving forward. We do not want to look backwards. It’s time to move forward on many big projects.


Some of the big projects are the gasification which we now own and control. The hospital is in the works and we will start with a dialysis unit. Education is a big focus for our youth, we will focus on the youth we are sending the youth to a Mariner’s Baseball game in Seattle, then to Coeur d’Alene and to Silverwood as a reward to stay healthy and make positive choices in life.


Thanks to Cassie for doing a great job organizing the youth trip as it gives the youth positive experiences and helps to keep them out of trouble by doing positive things.


We cannot lose our culture and our language we are going to bring our language back. In July we will have a community sweat and a dinner.


The future looks good and we will work hard. We will start with baby steps to go forward.


I would like to thank the staff and the frontline workers you do a lot for our Nation, our community. I would like to thank the elders, council, my family and my wife for all the support.


Chief Douglas Beaverbones,

Chief of O’Chiese First Nation