Ah neen, I would like to thank the community from the bottom of my heart for believing in me; to be a leader of our community. I will serve our community to the best of my abilities. My work history includes: being a wood splitter, a mechanic, a heavy equipment operator, and a Councilor for 20 years.


My short term goals are to be more strong headed, to learn from others, and to be more proactive with programs. My long term goals for O’Chiese is to have a stable community, become self sufficient and sustainable and to encourage more band members to own their own businesses with the needed training. I believe O’Chiese successes are students finishing school, encouraging more trades, building and owning businesses, owning off reserve properties, and we are more involved with the outside world.


The best thing about working for O’Chiese First Nation is getting ahead in life, learning more about the needs of our community, and helping in different ways the best way I can. My wish for O’Chiese is have big success in everything O’Chiese does.


My hobbies are hockey because I have played all my life and still going. I like baseball, golf, swimming, family time, working out, and horseback riding. I have 25 horses. I enjoy landscaping, doing yard work, tree planting and boulder collection to make my yard look nice.


I am inspired by my dad because he worked as council for so many years which inspired me and guided me and now I am on council. He is my biggest inspiration. My biggest support is my parents. My mom and dad: they have supported me in who I am, taught me a lot, they taught me the dos and don’ts, and they taught me how to be a leader; they used to be leaders too.


My wish for the elders is to have a better life style, a better quality of life, to increase elderly programs, and to do different things like see different parts of the world. I am glad we are already taking them to different parts of the world.


My wish for the children is to have a better education, more education, training, activities, and to have a better lifestyle at home. My overall message is to “keep working hard and keep working together: stay focused—keep going to school and don’t give up on your dreams!”


Respectfully, Councilor Cedric Whitford