Ah neen to all members, thank you for your support since 2009.  My educational background consists of taking the First Nation Management courses, various University courses and I am a high school graduate. Previous to my current role as Councillor for my Nation, I have worked in the construction and carpentry industry.  With my short absence away from being Councillor, I realized the importance of our Indigenous historic ancestral inherent rights and the mainstream educational institutions. I will encourage our youth to continue their Indigenous and mainstream education as it will benefit  them and our community for future generations.


My focus is promoting training and education for our membership in the areas of our O’Chiese Anishinaabe Ancestral Inherent knowledge, Treaty 6 rights and keeping our language strong.  I believe our Nation is successful in ensuring that our cultural teachings are immersed in our program development and our business proficiency.  As we collaborate with FNIHB /ISC to improve our healthcare services to our Nation, I realized, we need to remember to ensure that our membership and youth understand and know the Treaty Rights that our Ancestors have fought for especially in our Treaty Right to Health. Our leadership’s unity built a strong foundation which continually shapes our future, improves our quality of life and makes us proud; this, I will continue to promote within our Leadership and community.


Respectfully, Councilor Cleon Strawberry