Ah neen (hello) to all members young and old. My work history is in construction and carpentry; I have my certificate in First Nations Management and my Graduates Education Diploma as well as the completion of many university courses. I also volunteer working with kids and love it!


My short term goals for O’Chiese First Nation are to have more training for staff, to excel in their jobs as well as to move further in their education in order to have more qualifications. My long term goals are for everybody to understand all programs, kids to be successful in education, for children to respect elders, and to have better unity.


I believe O’Chiese First Nation successes are the program development, more independent, stronger proposals, and punctual. In previous years, the elders felt there was a lack of respect from the kids but now the elders are opening up; now the kids are more aware of their culture and they want to finish school. I know they want to finish school from talking one to one with students.  The student’s dreams are achievable and I believe they can accomplish them!


The best thing about working for the O’Chiese First Nation is a number of things such as: when we go to other communities and attend meetings, we get a lot of feedback on how rich in culture and how well our leadership works together. I am proud to be a leader from O’Chiese First Nation. I love being around the people and talking to every community member. My one wish for O’Chiese is for everyone to complete their education, every single band member, so future generations will benefit. First Nations need to implement education collectively so we can all be leaders to each other.


My hobbies are hockey, baseball, and spending time with my family. I am inspired by a lot of different people: my late dad and mom, my brothers, sisters and our elders. My biggest support is our elders because they say so many positive things in so many ways and know when to say them.


My wish for the elders is that they have good health. My wish for the children is for quality education, success, pride, and self sufficiency. My overall message to the community is “stick to what you have said to your kids and stand by it, believe in yourselves and never look back, we have a lot to be proud of!”


Respectfully, Councilor Cleon Strawberry