Ah neen! I am Robert Strawberry and I look forward to being a part of O’Chiese council this term. Thank you to the community. My work history is that I have my class 1 drivers’ license and I drove the Headstart van.


My short term goals for O’Chiese First Nation are to keep bringing in more money. My long term goals for O’Chiese First Nation are to purchase more machinery and to have more oil and gas industry on reserve. I would like to have more drilling on the reserve. I believe O’Chiese First Nation successes are the Enterprise 203 business, all the buildings and properties owned, I like that! The bus is also a big success for O’Chiese First Nation. The best thing about working for O’Chiese First Nation is the people. I would like to thank all the people of O’Chiese Band. My wish for O’Chiese First Nation is to have more funding and accountability.


I am inspired by my sister, Linda, because she has an education and an accounting background. My biggest support is my wife, she has a counseling background, when I am down she is always there for me.


My wish for the elders is to have an elder’s lodge, a home where they can be looked after. I also think it is good that they go on the trips and travel and see the world. My wish for the children is for them to have their own arena and an arcade. On the reserve, we have some children that are very good hockey players, including my grandson, and it is fun to watch them play.


My overall message to the community is to “respect the elders and respect yourself!”


Respectfully, Councilor Robert Strawberry