Hello my name is Sandra Beaverbone. I am the very proud daughter of Lena Beaverbone and late Roy Bremner. I have a big family on both sides and I come from a line of councillors as my dad and Ruby Bremner were O’Chiese Councillors. I was raised, live and work on O’Chiese First Nation most of my life which is where my heart belongs. I have four beautiful and amazing children; Joey, Alicia, Jolene and Elias and a common law partner John Rempel who is a plumber, he also works for our community as a plumber. I want to help my community as much as I can and am looking forward to my role as an O’Chiese councillor. I look forward to working with our elders and youth, learning more about our economic development, ensuring education is a priority and ensuring our culture so we do not forget where we come from. I will also seek guidance from our elders as a councillor.


I have had some interesting and challenging employment positions here at O’Chiese some of the work that I used to do is help with the gas stations including the truck stop and also the grocery store. I took training in Edmonton to learn from the Edmonton grocery trainers how to open up and run our grocery store and I will do whatever I can to help improve our community.


My short term goals is just to get to know the community in terms of where we are lacking and to find out why everybody is distant with each other. I want to bring everybody back together again, to get the whole community involved, even those far away and off reserve I don’t want to forget those people. I want to bring them back because this is their community too I want to help them and our community to work as a team.


My long term goals is to see our kids graduate and graduating from our beautiful school here. I want to encourage them really encourage them to be doctors, lawyers, engineers, and teachers. To encourage them to be ready for the move to college and university to just to keep going and know we really support them.


I believe O’Chiese successes are with us working together as a team, bringing in the ideas, how they were able to succeed in everything and to share that.


The best thing about working for O’Chiese is our remote location because we are able to live from the land and also everybody has the culture it is so strong. We continue to have ceremonies and that’s what I like about it.


My parents have always inspired me and also the Chief too because they have always lived a positive lifestyle. I have never seen them drunk or do drugs and I know there are a lot of people that don’t do drugs and alcohol, many people don’t go drinking. I used to always think how my life would be with no drugs and alcohol and now I see that for myself today so I did it those who inspired me are my mom, my dad and our chief. My biggest support would be my mom and my common law husband, John. At times it was hard for me to believe in myself but they always believed in me and if they didn’t believe in me I wouldn’t be here today, they encouraged me a lot and always reminded me of everything.


If I had one wish for O’Chiese I would want it be a drug free alcohol free nation. I know that other nations and communities struggle with that, it is not only here but I want to push that out.


I wish for the elders to come together to push our culture and to push our language to make it fun and challenging to learn Saulteaux. I recognize what the Elders have been doing I want them to be in good health and I just want them to be loved. For the parents, I want to encourage them to continue to going to ceremonies believe in our culture like I said before I believed in it that’s why I am here today. I believe in it. For the children I want them to be able to have a good life I don’t want to see them struggle later. I want them to be able to be educated but mostly our culture to keep it going never forget about that and of course I always encourage that they don’t forget where you come from, who you are.


My overall message that I like to stick by is ‘learn from yesterday, live for today and hope for tomorrow!’


Respectfully,   Councillor Sandra Beaverbone