Ahneen, thank you to the community for continuing to support me on Council since 2009. My previous careers have been in the oil and gas industry and in the auto industry. My educational background is in the business/administration field and it guides me today.  I encourage and support our youth to continue with their educational goals as our Nation continues to grow and create new employment opportunities and careers. At the Nation, we are creating economic initiatives in various fields for future economic sustainability. We are thinking of our membership’s future by creating provisions for employment, careers and training opportunities which includes our youth. While we continue to maintain who we are, our way of life, our language and cultural roots within our Nation. In addition, we need to remember our Treaty rights that our Ancestors have entrenched in us, it is our duty to remind ourselves, government and others of the hard work our Ancestors have provided for us now and in the future. Thank you to the Elders who give timely advice and knowledge and we will continue to strive to work in unity now and in the future.


Respectfully, Councilor Barry Saulteaux