Ah neen, I would like to take this time to thank the people for their support. It is time that we begin to work together for the betterment of our nation so we can achieve what we all want for our children, so again-thank you- hiy, hiy. My work history began when I was15 years old, I started as a laborer, and moved onto the oilfields, and then an auto apprentice with an auto body. I went back to school in the business/administration field which has given me guidance in the work I do today.


My short term goals for O’Chiese First Nation are to keep pushing our children to get a higher level of education to be engineers, doctors, etcetera so they will help our reserve in the long run. My long term goals for O’Chiese First nation is to have stability within our organization, to have working relationships that will advance us, not bring us down and if we have a goal in place to fulfill that goal. If we keep pulling together and working together: we will achieve it!


I believe O’Chiese First Nations successes are the companies as they are positives for O’Chiese. We are putting things in place for our children and for our future to benefit our children in the long run. The best thing about working for O’Chiese First Nation is working with the people, compiling our ideas and their ideas, trying to achieve the ideas and moving forward. I would like to thank the people again for giving me this opportunity to work for the community. My wish for O’Chiese First nation is to have stability in the long haul so O’Chiese does not have to rely on one funding source. My wish is that we would come together as a nation for the betterment of O’Chiese.


My hobbies are watching sports: hockey and baseball as well as cheering our children as they play sports, it always puts a smile on your face seeing them having fun. I am inspired by my late grandma, Mary-May because she instilled in me how to work, how to figure things out and to ask questions. She always said “get guidance from the elders”. My grandma taught me the old ways and it was a plus just learning from her. My biggest support is my family because when I am down I can just talk to a family member and they cheer me up. They are the biggest support to me.


My wish for the elders is for them to live longer and remain healthy because they struggle as they get older as they get sick more easily. To have elders and children is a blessing! The elders give guidance and knowledge to the young ones and I thank them for that. My wish for the children is to get their education because that is the backbone to how we will survive in the future as it is a big part of what happens now.


My overall message to the community is “let’s be together, stay together, and work together that way we can achieve what it is we all want!”


Respectfully, Councilor Barry Saulteaux