O’Chiese General Counsel


Major Duties and Responsibilities Include:

  •    *Act as legal counsel for the O’Chiese First Nation, providing legal advice to Chief and Council and Senior Management
  •    *Manage legal matters pertaining to a wide range of business and governance matters including providing guidance and advice on O’Chiese corporate and commercial transactions, assist in negotiating and drafting various corporate and commercial agreements with third parties
  •    *Provide advice and guidance on Aboriginal and Treaty rights and consultation matters regarding traditional territories and O’Chiese land
  •    *Provide advice and guidance on constitutional matters including all regulatory matters and the development of natural resources including water rights, mineral rights, and land management matters.
  •    *Provide advice and guidance on a variety of legal issues concerning Aboriginal governance, taxation, education, health, hunting, fishing and gaming and natural resource matters.
  •    *Draft letters and documentation for various matters
  •    *Drafting numerous policies in areas such as governance/elections, membership, human resources, finance, education, health, and land use and land use related matters


Counsels Workload

In 2013, the workload was approximately 110 files relating to various matters (also carry files from previous years that are open – settlement trust, membership)

  •       Chief & Council                                         10
  •       Band Manager/Administration                   15
  •       Capital Projects                                          8
  •       Consultation/Treaty Office                         14
  •       Education                                                  13
  •       Health                                                        12
  •       Business Centre                                        33


Major Projects

In addition to the work that is undertaken respecting the administration and the business centre, the list below is to outline some of the major projects that we currently have which take up a fair amount of manpower to complete.  

      *Kinder Morgan Project

      *Encana Project

      *Consultation Office

      *Education Transition


Submitted by Connie Tuharsky O'Chiese First Nation General Counsel