Grand Chief Craig Makinaw, Chief Marvin Yellowbird, Chief Brad Rabbit, Chief Cameron Alexis, Chief Stanley Lagrelle, Chief Arcand, Chief Whitford, Chief Jackson, Makokis and Chief Fox are in Ottawa right now, in preparation with the meeting with the Prime Minister and the Governor General tomorrow. We understand that other Chiefs will be joining us today also.


First of all we acknowledge and thank Chief Theresa Spence for her continued sacrifice to bring attention to plight of First Nations. We are all so very grateful for the prayers of our Elders, our community members – men, women and youth. We are very thankful and humbled by the ceremonies conducted by our Spiritual leaders. We ask for your continued prayers.


We are thankful for the grassroots movement that has continued to bring attention to the inequalities in Canada  for First Nations on Reserve and the discrimination First Nations face in the larger society, in the hope that Canada will work with us to address protection and implementation of Treaty based on Peace, Justice and Reconciliation.


The Confederacy of Treaty No. 6 First Nations, Treaty 7 First Nations and Treaty 8 First Nations have developed their positions to the PM based on feedback from their communities, elders and youth. Chiefs of Alberta are currently working on a position based on our common issues; however, we will be submitting our specific positions for the record.


We will continue to advocate loudly that an organization like AFN or non-Treaty person cannot speak to our Treaties. Upmost in our thoughts is protection of our Treaties.


Unfortunately at the time of this writing, we are still not clear on the agenda. Chiefs have stated that the meeting with the PM be inclusive and that it be held in a proper venue to accommodate all the Chiefs. However as information is slowly received, it would appear that representation at the PM/Chiefs meeting will be limited to 2 representatives per region. In Alberta, we have 3 Grand Chiefs and this does not permit each of our Grand Chiefs to be in attendance. It is our fervent hope that we will be in that meeting room with the PM so we can stand with our representatives as this has spiritual and cultural significance to us.


We have been informed that the Governor General has agreed to meet with the Chiefs, and we are hopeful that this is an indication that the direction of Canada and the Crown is moving towards honouring the true Treaty relationship and will work towards restoring the honour of the Crown.

- END-


For more information please contact:

Ann Gladue-Buffalo, Grand Chief Liaison (780) 222-8976  or