O’Chiese Chief and Council Strategic Planning


Four Days of Planning April 10-15, 2012




The Chief and Council Strategic Planning Session began early after the initial set up with equipment, computers, and technological stuff the session was opened with prayer and opening remarks. Many of the remarks focused on the unity, importance of planning for our future, our youth, moving forward and maintaining our culture. There was acknowledgement to the leadership and staff for their longevity and continued hard work to make things happen. The planning session was held in the new O’Chiese Edmonton Office Space.  The second day continued with finances but this time it was the O’Chiese Business Centre Department Financial Report. Each day everyone worked so hard, even through their lunches food was brought in so they could continue working! So much to do in such a short period of time.  The third day started with more financial reports from the Business Centre and the Oil and Gas Financials.In the afternoon, Beatrice Carpentier had two slideshows a recap and future planning. They all broke out into three separate teams with a map and plotted potential future projects and when they reconvened the three maps were presented to the groups by each group and in the end all three maps basically had the same future planning ideas and lay outs. Day 4 began with more budgets and Economic Development as well as a special guest from Cold Lake First Nation Walter Janvier. Mr. Janvier is the president of the Cold Lake First Nation Businesses and former Chief. While the meeting with the Cold Lake President was taking place a 2nd meeting was taking place regarding the Health Department in the adjoining office room and a website meeting.



All in all a jam packed conference and great planning for our Nation! 




For more information and to see photographs view the April 2012 Edition of the O`Chiese Local Community Newsletter