Ahneen  / Tansi O’Chiese Members:


Over the next two months O’Chiese Business Centre will be conducting a Community Census. The goal is to collect information for the current on-reserve population to determine the demographics, residency, employment statistics and membership population growth.


The information gathered will be used to help in planning for O’Chiese’s Community Development such as land use planning, economic development, housing and other planning exercises for the benefit of O’Chiese Band Members.


We will be attempting to survey each member between the age of 16 and 65. Below is an outline of the census, please feel free to fill out and submit back to Geneva Strawberry at the O’Chiese Business Centre. This project will be used to strengthen O’Chiese Nation and we plan to build a stronger community. Your participation is needed.


Thank you,



Please drop off your completed O’Chiese Census 2012 at the O’Chiese Business Centre, thank you