OBC Operational Plan on COVID-19

  • See attached -  OBC Operational Plan for COVID - 19


Edmonton and Calgary Sub-offices:

  • Both Sub-offices will close due to Covid-19. 


O'Chiese Business Centre Update                                                                           


                        As a follow-up to the recent announcement from the Province, the BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                        have made the following decision to close the OBC Main office.

                        During this time, we will closely monitor the situation as it arises and keep you apprised of

                        further developments of COVID -19 and of our operations.  In the meantime, we will be all

                        working from home and any requests or approvals can be done via email. 


                        Sincerely,  Board of Director O'Chiese Business & Investment Centre

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O'Chiese Edmonton Sub-Office


The new office address is

Suite 201-16504

118th Avenue

Edmonton Alberta

T5V 1C8







Not only will this office be used by Enterprise 203 Holdings, it will also be utilized as a meeting area by the various departments within the Business Centre as well as the rest of the First Nations’ departments. 


Shannon Beaverbones, who has been taking care of the rental properties in Edmonton, has now been hired full-time as the Property Manager for both the Edmonton and Red Deer Rental Properties. So, if you would like to get more information, you can now contact her at this new Office.