Ah Neen O'Chiese Elders and members, I am pleased to bring you the first OEC newsletter up-date. First of all I'd like to give you a bit of history about your oil and gas company, then I'll tell you about what we have been doing.


The O'Chiese First Nation made the bold move of taking back ownership and control of its oil and gas resources here on O'Chiese land and Traditional Territory. This process has involved the establishment of an energy corporation O'Chiese Energy GP Inc., operating on behalf of O'Chiese Energy Limited Partner. A management team was struck and negotiation of Joint Ventures, acquisition of permits and leases was done. O'Chiese Energy GP Inc.,(OEGP) has taken out a lease OL 6367 from Indian Oil & Gas Canada (IOGC) consisting of 20 sections of land. This lease was the result of Joint Venture #1 between OEGP and Bellatrix Exploration LTD (BXE).


OEGP entered a second Joint venture with BXE and took out a permit OP 3302 on an additional 20 sections of land. Both joint ventures have commitments to drill wells, support an education and community development fund, and provide a Gross override royalty convertible to a working interest. In addition all pipelines required to tie in any wells will have a working interest. We are also pleased to inform you that we have secured operational funding for your business centre and oil company.


Training and development of O'Chiese members is very high on the list of things we wish to accomplish. Therefore, through the education fund we are sending members to school for formal training in petroleum Technology and petroleum Landman diplomas and certificates. It is the intent to have O'Chiese members run their own company. As part of the development and implementation, the nation requires its members to acquire training and conduct functions outlined in the O'Chiese Energy GP Inc., operations model.


In closing, I'd like to say we are looking at a very busy 2012 and expect to see more and more opportunity come to O'Chiese. As many of you know you have experienced the work created through Sand & Gravel as a result of your oil company and these Joint ventures. With new spinoff businesses being built you can expect to see more opportunity. I encourage you to prepare for this up-coming work.


Respectfully, Emil Owl Child, CEO