O’Chiese Business Centre and the O’Chiese Guardian Pharmacy are opened a full service pharmacy within the O’Chiese Market Place grocery store. The Grand Opening day was May 4, 2018.   The initial hours of operation will be Monday to Friday 10am- 5pm to match the O’Chiese Health Centre hours. In the future the hours may change to include Saturdays if the need arises. The staff will include a Pharmacist Vishalkumar Patel for 1-2 days per week and Bhavesh Patel for the remaining days per week along with 1 or 2 pharmacy assistants. The pharmacists will be training O’Chiese band members to become pharmacy assistants a minimum of a grade 10 education, computer skills and fluency in the Saulteaux language will be required keep an eye out for the employment posting as it will be drafted and posted soon.


The opening of the Pharmacy is phase 1 for the O’Chiese Business Centre. Phase 2 will be moving the O’Chiese Gas Bar to the O’Chiese Market Place location which is set to occur in the near future. The goal is to open the new O’Chiese Gas Bar and close the old O’Chiese Gas Bar on the same day to prevent an interruption of service to customers. Phase 3 is to establish a café in the O’Chiese Market Place which will create approximately 5 new employment opportunities for O’Chiese First Nation. Planned future development will be a post office at the O’Chiese Market Place as well creating more employment opportunities for the Nation.


The pharmacist will work closely with the nurses and doctors at the O’Chiese Health Centre and will provide other services such as smoking cessations, diabetic injections, chronic conditions and assessments along with other programs so please come check out all the pharmacy services that will be offered! Sunchild band members are welcome! The O’Chiese Guardian Pharmacy is committed to providing a good service to the community and appreciate and need the support of the community. Pharmacists Vishalkumar Patel and Bhavesh Patel both have their Bachelor of Pharmacy and are thankful for the opportunity to work with our community and look forward to providing good pharmaceutical services for our community.


Information provided by Brycie Klassen, O’Chiese Business Centre Executive Assistant, John Rigby, O’Chiese Business & Investment Centre Retail Manager and Vishalkumar Patel, Pharmacist