O’Chiese Safety Services LP successfully launched








The community of O’Chiese should be proud of their two members who are helping build one of its newest business entities. This project was a year in the making as the EMR training program and concept started in June 2011. Now that the business obtained its first contract it can only grow from here!



A great amount of work over the last year from the Management team at the O’Chiese Business & Investment Centre and the Safety Services Coordinator went into successfully setting up this operation, which would not have been possible without the support and direction from the Chief and Council.


A second MTC unit will be purchased as there is already a growing demand of these services. O’Chiese Safety Services will need to recruit, hire and employ additional EMR’s to work in this field and help increase the amount of MTC’s we can offer to the oil field industry. We are already looking to hiring members from other First Nation communities.