O'Chiese First Nation Community Overview:





Capital Projects

Public Works

Property Management 



Social Development 


Justice Department




The O’Chiese First Nation has a population of 1106 members with 935 living on the reserve and the remaining 171 members living off the reserve. We are 46 kilometres northwest of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta and 90 kilometres southwest of Drayton Valley, Alberta. The O’Chiese First Nation 203a spans 14131.9 hectares of land.


Note: O'Chiese First Nation is currently undergoing a formal census and if you need to complete your census form please contact Geneva Strawberry at the Administration Office.


Community Resources


The community has many resources such as their own school that accommodates the students from pre-school through to grade twelve with an adult upgrading program that helps the older generations who have the desire to finish their education. The O’Chiese First Nation also has a daycare, a pool hall, public works building, fire hall, and a store. In addition, O'Chiese First Nation has a health centre with a dental clinic and a midwife.


Cultural Programming


Currently, the O’Chiese First Nation offers a wide range of cultural programming such as cultural camps, diabetic walks, treaty days, sundances, and round dances. Next year O’Chiese First Nation will host a long awaited Pow Wow as the Pow Wow grounds are under construction. Recreation programs for the O’Chiese youth are hockey, baseball, football, dance and a drum group that travels along the Pow Wow circuit. O’Chiese First Nation also provides initiatives for their elders by taking them on long trips in the O’Chiese coach bus. Last year the elders went to the Calgary Stampede as well as to the United States and the elders continue to look forward to these adventures!


Socio-Economic Outlook


The O’Chiese First Nation administration office consists of 129 employees and 11 departments. Some of these departments are economic development, human resources development, business investment centre, operations department, lands management, health department, employment training centre, and a justice department. There is an on reserve health centre, satellite police station, a newly built fire hall, a fire truck and an ambulance station that is shared by Sunchild First Nation. We are continuously looking to train and increase our capacity. Throughout the years O’Chiese First Nation has offered training in a wide variety of training opportunities. Such as heavy equipment training provided by our own people, trades, electrical, construction, management training, secretarial, early childhood development levels 1, 2, and 3, security and rig training. Future training initiatives are in the hospitality and tourism training, trades to assist in building our training centre, water treatment plant training, and construction training.


Future Initiatives


The leadership is creating economic stability and viability with the economic ventures and will continue to look for ways to create economic stability and sustainability. Other future initiatives include the O’Chiese Truck Stop which will employ at least twenty people, a golf course which will employ numerous O’Chiese First Nation members, a landscaping business, the construction of houses and roads all for the benefit of the O’Chiese First Nation Community.


The O’Chiese First Nation has grown so much in the past 50 years and we are not surprised to see more from the O’Chiese First Nation in the near future.