O'Chiese Health Centre

P.O Box 2348
Rocky Mountain House Alberta T4T 1B7

Phone: (403) 989-3900
Fax: (403) 989-3905
Toll Free: 1-877-989-3900


O'Chiese Health Director: Diane Lafond

Receptionist: Judy Beaverbones

Administrative Support: Jennifer Whitehorse

Finance: Charlene Mackinaw

The O'Chiese Health Centre is governed under the Leadership of the O'Chiese First Nation. It has been in operation since 1997. The Health Centre currently employs numerous staff to oversee Health Programs and to provide Health Services for the O'Chiese Community. The Health Centre also has an additional 10 staff from different funding sources to provide Specialized Health Services at the Health Centre. The Health Centre community programs continues to expand as staff are branching out into new ideas and also furthering their education in order to provide quality services with a holistic approach.






See important information on Fentanyl in the NNADAP drop down menu


If you’re concerned about your own, or someone else’s, misuse of fentanyl, or would simply like more information on drug use, contact:     


            O’Chiese NNADAP Terri & Nikki and/or  Alyssa Babe CHN   @ 403-989-3900    

                                            All Visits and  Calls are confidential               


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Health Centre Planning for Care Meeting in Rocky Mountain House



Health Centre staff planning for care April 12-13, 2017