O'Chiese First Nation Health Centre offers medical transportation for medical appointments- Medical Transportation Coordinator 




Corrine Mackinaw        Medical Transportation     

Joanna Strawberry        Data Entry Clerk
Jack Chipaway              F/T Medical Transportation Driver 
Kevin Stanley                F/T Medical Transportation Driver for Special Needs
Geraldine Cardinal        F/T Medical Transportation Driver






As of February 2011, All Members in need of Gas Support must fit the following criteria:


  • Inform Transportation Coordinator 3 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR to approval of appointment. Last minute appointments will not be accepted.
  • No Medical Walk-Ins
  • All Medical Appointments MUST BE CONFIRMED before Services will be approved
  • Medical Drivers MUST BE utilized for all appointments
  • Clients do not have a choice between PO or a Medical Driver
  • Clients do not have a choice to which Driver they are assigned to.
  • Health Services MUST BE accessed at NEAREST HEALTH FACILITY offering services.
  • General Practitioners, Eye Doctors, and Laboratory will be accessed in Rocky Mountain House.
  • Physiotherapy is not covered by NIHB therefore will not be covered through Medical Transportation
  • Medical Transportation Services will ONLY BE AVAILABLE in Red Deer, Calgary and Edmonton for SPECIALIZED APPOINTMENTS ONLY. Dental Services in Red Deer will also be covered until a Dentist is available at the O’Chiese Health Centre


*For any Questions or Concerns Please See the Health Director at the O’Chiese Health Centre