Traditional Land Use


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Lands Manager/Chief Operation Officer
O’Chiese First Nation
Box 1570 Rocky Mountain House Alberta, T4T 1B2
Fax: 403 989 3759 

The Traditional Use Study Project is working to create short and long term curriculum for the O'Chiese First Nation people. The Study utilizes Elders and Custodians of knowledge, community resources and individualized ceremonies to assist the team in finding the old grave sites and other significant sites. The Elders of the O'Chiese First Nation community work on cultural awareness by sharing in meetings, sessions, storytelling and traditional teachings.

Protecting, preserving and sustaining our traditional lands and waters.

Work Plan:
1) To continue oral history in our traditional way.
2) To develop a comprehensive Geographic Information System (GIS) of our varied traditional use areas.
3) To provide an educational tool that can be used in our educational system.

Future Vision:
The Traditional Land Use vision is that this study will be used for educational purposes for our next generations. With the completion of this study the O'Chiese Elders and community members will gain a renewed  knowledge base and consequently a great sense of responsibility to the future 'traditional' lives of our children. The knowledge and history gained during this study will create a sense of value for our Elders and a greater sense of identity, pride and purpose for our community. We believe that this is the spirit of a healthy nation.