O'Chiese First Nation School  Ne Sah Soh Is Koh Dahn School (The 7th Fires)       



Note: The School has created online work packages which they will update the website weekly with new work see the link





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The O'Chiese First Nation believes in implementing culturally integrated programs and services for its members. Our mission is to promote and embrace effective programs and services to strengthen our community. 



*Elders Tea-Monthly                                                                      *YCHomes 101&102 (Apprenticeship Program)

*Boys drumming during Saulteaux                                                *Girls making traditional dresses

*Swimming Lessons K5-5 (6 Lessons each)                                 *Inline Skating K5-12

*Downhill Skiiing Lessons and Cross Country                             *High School Team Building

*Foods Program                                                                             *Health Programs through O'Chiese Health Centre

*Nutrition Programs with O'Chiese Nutritionist                           *Elders in the school

*Daily breakfast and lunch                                                            *Monthly awards

*Reading Buddies                                                                          *Wildlife -Land based learning

*Family Night (monthly)                                                               *Girls Group (monthly)

*Me 2 We                                                                                       *Technology programs for kids

*Work Experience with O'Chiese Fire Department                       *Class Field Trips

*After School Sports-Floor hockey, volleyball & sports night      *Caught you being Good-7 Native Teachings




O'Chiese First Nation School has Solar Panels


Councillors Barry Saulteaux and Sandra Beaverbones inspecting the newly installed solar panels on the roof of  the O'Chiese School 



O'Chiese First Nation Elders working on the Language App for the School!