Annual O’Chiese School Health Fair

February 2015


Diabetes, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder Prevention information, healthy eating, safety and lots more.

Excellent learning opportunities for all the students and participants.

Great Job Staff and Students


September 2011

The subject was diabetes and the students and their teachers did the research into their presentations 


April 2010


This year Students decided what topics would be included in the Health Fair. Each class researched a topic and developed a display. The topics included nuclear hamburgers (what’s in a McDonald’s hamburger), fitness, healthy breakfasts, STI’s, healthy snacks and what it is like to be disabled. Students and members of the community took in the fun educational event.

Some information booths were: Healthy ways of eating breakfast foods, Wii Fitness, human body, breakfast for learning, intoxication simulation, immortal burger of chemicals, diabetes, disability awareness, sign language fun, vision loss, bike safety with the RCMP.

Awards that were handed out were: Science award, promoting a safe lifestyle award, fastest blender award, biggest heart and best team effort, sparkle award, most creative award, and health award.


The community participated in the learning and had fun at the School Health Fair 2010!