Ne Sa Soh Is Koh Dahn School (The 7th Fires) :587-798-0425 


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Interim Principal    
Receptionist Kimberly Beaverbones
Finance Manager Linda Strawberry  
K5 Henriette Vanderlei
Grade 1 Riki Peacock
Grade 2 Amber Sawatzky  
Grade 3 Justine Vanderlei
Grade 4 Rachael Fiddler
Grade 5 Duncan Smith
Grade 6/7 Sharon Myers
Grade 7/8 Terrell Downwind

Grade 8/9 Angus MacDonald
High School Jolene Anderson
Saulteaux Teacher Cheryl Strawberry
School Liaison Worker Rachel Strawberry  
Physical Education Teacher Michelle DeBeer
Teacher Assistant Louise Anderson  
Teacher Assistant Kristen Muskeg  
Teacher Assistant John Beaverbone  
Teacher Assistant Bridgette Muskeg  
Teacher Assistant  Wanda Beaverbones
Teacher Assistant Lavinia Strawberry  
Teacher Assistant Beverly Bremner  
Teacher Assistant Tanya Strawberry  
Custodians Patty Beaverbones & Walter Strawberry  
Maintenance Victor Strawberry
Stickman Cameron Strawberry  
Cook Marie Strawberry  
Bus Driver Wallace Strawberry  
Bus Driver Abel Lagrelle  
Bus Driver Malcolm Whitford  


All of our TAs have email; they follow the same format: first letter of their first