High School Incentive Trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico


On Tuesday April 24, 2012, we set out on our journey to the United States. An incentive trip for our high school students which was based on student attendance, behavior and academics, only students with these qualifications were allowed to attend.  The trip was coordinated by Rebecca Saulteaux (youth coordinator) and Crystal Clark (vice principal). The trip was funded by the O’Chiese First Nation School and the O’Chiese Youth Program.


 Our first two days in the states were basically travelling days. We spent the first night in Shelby, Montana and the second night in Denver, Colorado. On our way to Albuquerque we had a short stop in Santa Fe, NM to visit the famed Loretto Church which has the stairway to heaven. We then continued on to Albuquerque for the Gathering of Nations Pow Wow. The first event we attended was the “Miss Indian World” talent contest and then the Pow Wow where the boys tried their best to SNAG. The girls and woman shopped for cool beadwork and other native arts and crafts. We left Albuquerque, NM on the 29th and travelled to Cheyenne, Wyoming; our rest stop, and then on to South Dakota to see the Incredible Crazy Horse Monument. It was so amazing! The story behind the making of the monument is incredible. We stayed for about three hours and then travelled to Rapid City; we got there just in time for the kids to spend a couple hours at the water park.


The next day we travelled to Bear Country, USA. There were so many animals just roaming free, but most were in fenced off areas including the babies (awwwwwwww!). Devils Tower or Bear Lodge was amazing. The feeling you get just seeing it is incredible especially when you see the sacred bundles and feathers tied to the trees in the area. We even caught a bunny there, but released it even though it was so cute and all alone. We travelled on after spending 3-4 hours walking around the entire tower and enjoying nature. We spent the night in Hullet, Wyoming and continued on our journey to the Battle of Little BigHorn where we had lunch and I shared a bit of history with the kids. They could not believe that the battle really happened because they did not know the history behind it, but as soon as I shared what knowledge I had they were in awe.


The trip was an awesome experience and I am glad I was able to attend and share it with them. I am really proud of the kids who attended because they really deserved it by attending school and keeping up with their school work. Really looking forward to more amazing adventures, keep up the good work students!


Special thanks to the O’Chiese School and to the chaperones BEVERLY MUSKEG, CLAYTON BEAVERBONE, NICK WALSH, REBECCA SAULTEAUX, and CRYSTAL CLARK, as well as the parents, and students who helped to fundraise for this trip.


Submitted by Rebecca Saulteaux,


For more information and to see pictures of this event please refer to the May 2012 Edition of the O'Chiese Local Community Newsletter