Hello from Social Development!           February 2016


The Social Development Department continues to work on file compliance for the upcoming review.  Thank you for your patience.


We will continue to assist client’s getting current bank statements and Income Tax Notice of Assessments, and 2 pieces of IDs for those who still need them.


For all who did taxes please bring in the Notice of Assessment that is mailed to you from the Federal Government.  If you’re not sure what that is we have a sample one.  If it’s lost, come in, and we can call for a copy.  Or call Revenue Canada 1-800-959-8281 to request it.


A reminder that there is a Community Computer and telephone housed in HRD for Community members to access for education and employment needs.



Spruce up your English Literary Skills




We will be organizing a:

“Spruce Up Your English Literary Skills” Course.  

Anyone interested please let us know.




Do you have a home based hobby or business?  Would you be interested in creating an o’chiese community trade show to sell your wares? Or advertise your services? 

Examples -beading, crafts, moccasins, jewelry, computer services, photography, sewing, childcare services, snow shoveling, cooking, etc…

Let’s get an interest list going.  We will post them around, and if enough people are interested we can work together to create an o’chiese mini trade show.   


“Let us always remember to ask ourselves, “Have I made my Ancestors proud today?”


Respectfully, Kari Bayley






  •    *Call to make an appointment or come into the office to meet with employment/career counsellor
  •    *Participate in ‘Employment/Training Assessment’ with career counsellor
  •    *Complete ‘funding application form’
  •    *Bring all employment related information and documentation for processing (i.e. job confirmation letter, resume, copies of training certificates, training acceptance letters, quotes and/or receipts



  •    *Determine Funding Eligibility
  •    *Funding request must align with program and services
  •    *Personal information will be inputted upon funding approval
  •    *Funding contract will be printed for client to sign

NOTE: up to (2) week waiting period for funding approvals or for funding availability


We would like to remind all O’Chiese clients that we need to follow our application process to ensure everyone is helped in a timely manner. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


Submitted by Crystal Daychief