April 30, 2012
Address from Chief, Darren Whitford
To: O'Chiese First Nation Off-Reserve Community Members
Re: Off-reserve meeting: June 14, 2012 at Best Western Westwood Inn, Edmonton
The O'Chiese First Nation Councilors and I look forward to meeting with you during another off reserve meeting!
We are concerned of course that we realize that our information has not always extended to Band Members
that chose or due to circumstances live off-Reserve. We want to close this gap by first an
invitation to a meeting set specifically for you, June 14, 2012 at Edmonton Best Western Westwood Inn,
18035 Stony Plain Road (780) 483-7770, starting at 2:00pm- 8 pm. We will provide a meal,
informational booths, presentations, and opportunity to speak with Councilors and myself. We have not
forgotten you and we intend to commit to meeting with you to offer information, plans, audit, and other
programs and services we provide annually. In the past we have had this meeting during the winter;
some off reserve members informed various leaders that this was difficult, cold and not very safe. So
hopefully this date change will make things easier.
We continue to try and improve our community members quality of life, increase employment and training
opportunities, and reduce our impoverish conditions on reserve. I know that not all of our people are
serviced by our on reserve programs but I know that our Per Capita Distributions is to all of our members. I
believe this year, members are wondering about the Settled Land Claim PCD. We are accepting the
prudent decision of the Corporate Trust and Trustees that the trust did not make as much money as we had
The Councilors and I appreciate your support, your comments, and suggestions to improve our community
and our governance. We hope that this meeting will provide you with more knowledge of your home
community and we will look forward to answering any of your questions. Attached is the proposed Agenda
and at the meeting you will receive a booklet of presentations. Thank you for attending and we look
forward to meeting with you.
We will post this meeting and an updated agenda on our website: www.ochiese.ca
Darren Whitford,
Chief, O'Chiese First Nation
Cc: Councillors, O'Chiese First Nation