The all girls culture camp that was held in Medicine Lake August 27, 28 & 29, was a great success.  The group of girls that came on the trip showed awesome listening skills, team work and showed a lot of respect to our elders and staff who attended. 


I am speechless for words about Brenda Yellowface and her dedication and love for the elders, group and staff.  Thank you so much because without your leadership skills and knowledge of our cultural protocols, it wouldn’t have been a success.


Topics of discussions at camp

1.      Rites of passage, roles of a woman

2.      Types of ceremonies

3.      Sacred items (sage, sweetgrass)

4.      Sacred pipe

5.      Protocols, the right way and why

6.      Feasts, Reasons and what do we learn from the feast

7.      Medicines & mother earth. Why they are important

8.      Healthy Relationships

a.      Kinship

b.      Positive communication

c.       Forgiveness

d.      Respect

e.      Loving and caring

9.      How do we treat siblings, parents, grandparents and family

10.  Suicide Prevention

11.  Sexuality

a.      Boundaries

b.      How to say NO

c.       Sexually Transmitted Infections

d.      Teen Pregnancy

12. Indian Name (spirituality



Thank you to all elderswho travelled to Medicine Lake to share their knowledge and wisdom

Elder Facilitators (10) Susan Bremner           Rosie Bremner              Sarah Daychief

                                    Mary L Strawberry      Brenda Yellowface      Theresa Strawberry

                                    Diane Beaverbones     Jerry Strawberry         John Strawberry

                                    Jean Strawberry

Thank you to the Nurse facilitators

Nurses                          Shannon Brown          Sandy Livingston

Thank you to the cookswho showed their awesome cooking skills

Cooks (2)                      Marie Saulteaux         Marie Strawberry

Thank you to the camp helperswho did a great job with keeping the camp safe and always being there when help is needed

                                         Rocky Gladue                Travis Strawberry

Thank you to the driversNorman Lagrelle and Clayton Cutarm for the transportation to Medicine Lake

Special Thanks:Thank you to Sarah Saulteaux for your dedication and helping set up this culture camp



It was a great turn out with a large number of youth attending 23 girls ages 7-22 and 10 boys and girls ages 0-6. 

We had a total of 70 community members in total including everyone attending the camp-out.  Thanks Everyone!

Thank you to all the girls who participated in this camp out, you were a great group and I’d love to do it again!


Submitted by Renita Bremner


For more information and to see the pictures from this event see the September 2012 Edition of the O'Chiese Local Community Newsletter