O'Chiese First Nation became the proud owner of a beautiful coach bus in July 2008. It was through the hard work of the O'Chiese Leadership, Allan Littlejohn, Linda Littlejohn, Cedric Whitford and the support of the community to make this momentous occasion happen!

July 2008

The first trip the Elders made was to the Calgary Stampede in July 2008.

The second trip the bus made was for the O'Chiese Elders to Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, USA in

August 2009
The Next trip the Elders took was August 11-17, 2009. The O'Chiese Elders went to Mystic Lake, Minnesota, USA
O’Chiese First Nation Chief and Council and Elders had the privilege of traveling to Mystic Lake, Minnesota in the USA for an Elders meeting, sightseeing and the Powwow. The bus arrived at the O’Chiese Administration building early and everyone waited until all passports were checked and luggage was packed on the lower part of the bus. Thank you to the O’Chiese bus drivers, Charlie Whitford, Oliver Mackinow, and Cedric Whitford, that drove the bus safely to the United States and back again.

Photo of the O'Chiese Bus leaving the O'Chiese First Nation