O’Chiese First Nation School students went on an incentive year end trip to Disneyland! The travelled by the O'Chiese Coach Bus and also stopped in at Sea World, Universal Studios and Hollywood. Thank you to the chaperones and the drivers. All in all it was a fantastic trip kids keeps doing your best in school Education is very important!




Would like to shout out a big thank you to the O'Chiese Chief and Council for giving us the approval and support in our education incentive trip for 36 youth & 12 chaperones to: Disneyland –Anaheim, SeaWorld-San Diego, Universal Studios- Hollywood. Also a big thank you to the elders for giving their blessing and the community for the approval and to the parents who volunteered with all the fundraising activities... It was a long hard 5 months but we did it!!


Thank you Oliver Mackinaw and Herman the herminator for driving us to and from safely!!!


It was an amazing adventure full of oooohs and awwwws from the students and some of the chaperones, definitely worth all the work to see the kids so happy and full of excitement even if we spent two days travelling with nonstop "Rebecca are we almost at Disneyland?" Or "are we there yet" or "how many more hours?" 

Funny drive through Nevada , it looked windy out , kids were getting restless chaperones were craving nicotine so we stopped in mesquite, as soon as the kids got off the bus they were hit with the blazing heat instead of the cool breeze they were expecting omg it was hilarious!!! We drove through Vegas and the kids were stuck to the windows because they could see all the hotels of the strip and the amazing sights of Las Vegas too bad we were running on a time schedule and we still had hours to drive to get to our destination of Anaheim, California!!!


Disneyland was awesome!! The kids were soooo happy and full of excitement and so were the chaperones ... Amazing sites... Mickey Mouse and all his friends..... Fantastic rides...and to end it the water light show and fireworks!!


SeaWorld was also spectacular with all the animal shows ... The killer whales...Shamu awww they had a baby it was sooo cute doing tricks like its mommy...the dolphin show.... The sea lion show... There were a lot of different sea creatures that you could interact with... Manta rays, turtles, star fish, dolphins and you could feed the sea lions fish!


 There was also amusement rides like roller coasters!! Saved the best for last Universal Studios Hollywood!! The best place ever, my dream come true to be bit by Dracula!!! There was sooo much to see!! The movie sets the thrill rides the animations seeing the characters from a lot of different animation like scooby do, shrek, the minions, sponge bob. It was sooo exciting!!! 


The last day of our trip we spent at Long back... I mean Long Beach California where the kids got to splash and swim in the ocean. They picked seashells, played in the sand and almost got eaten by two sharks!! Jk!! Omg I thought they were sharks and screamed for the kids to get out of the water!! It was embarrassing yet funny because my sharks were in fact dolphins!!! They had to be careful of stingrays though because there was a lot of them in the ocean. I never realized how huge pelicans were!!! 


All in all it was a fun fantastic trip. Glad we took the kids out there!! Kids continue doing your best in school! Education IS very important! In order to learn in school you have to attend on a daily basis so you don't fall behind! If you find something hard ask for help there's always someone who will help you along the way! Have faith in yourselves and always try because you never know until you try!!!  Hoping to do this annually as an education incentive for our youth because the youth are our future and they are very important to our communities’ growth and well being!


Submitted by Rebecca Saulteaux                   


For more information and to view the pictures please see the July 2013 Edition of the O'Chiese First Nation Local Community Newsletter