O’Chiese has a positive future and if we all need to do our part to be sustainable, prosperous and a self-sufficient community. Let us all do our part to be a positive contributing community member.


As a Community Member:

  • Attend community meetings
  • Attend and utilize the programs offered by all the O’Chiese departments
  • Take care of your health: physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and dietary-wise.


As an Employee:

  • Arrive to work on time, dressed appropriately, ready to work and a professional attitude
  • Attend all meetings as needed, write reports as required.
  • Respond to phone messages and email promptly
  • Obtain and keep your license record clean, free of fines and in good standing.


As a Home Resident:

  • Maintain a clean home and yard, picking up garbage and keeping it tidy
  • Prevent damage from occurring in your home by taking good care of it
  • Take pride in your home and yard, treat it as if you are going to have visitors everyday


As a Family:

  • Take care of all your pets: cats, dogs, and horses they are a 20- 30 year family commitment
  • Get involved with your children’s school, attend parent teacher interviews and encourage your children to graduate
  • Spend time with your family and treat each family member with respect and kindness


As an individual:

  • Obtain and maintain a job, work hard and show your family positive work ethic values
  • Pay your bills and budget your money appropriately each month
  • Be a positive role model in the community by always setting a good example
  • Obtain and keep your license record clean, free of fines and in good standing.


This is our community and we can be a functioning, vibrant community that is empowered to achieve all the goals that we want when we work together.


Be empowered to take care of our community. Let’s all do our part! Thank you for your support!

Simple Yard Beautification Tips


1) Tidy the yard: remove all garbage and refuse, rake the leaves, and mow the lawn.


2) Put things where they belong: kids toys in a toy box, garden hose neatly wrapped, rakes and gardening tools in a garden shed. If you need to invest in an outdoor bin for easy, neat storage.


3) Weed the garden areas: pull the weeds out and put top soil or peat moss to fluff up the soil, it’s a quick and simple solution to freshen the garden areas.


4) Plant flowers and water them: plant flowers and hang flower arrangement baskets. This is another quick and simple solution that adds a lot of colour and beauty to any yard.

5) Organize patio furniture and lighting: organize your patio furniture to look appealing and welcoming. Sometimes just a tad bit of lighting will keep your yard beautiful at night too.