Basic Lawn Maintenance Made Simple


10 Basic and essential ways to maintain a clean and well kept lawn and yard:

1) Tidy the yard; remove toys, debris, and unsightly items. Have an outdoor toy bin.
2) Regularly mow the lawn and weed whack the hard to reach areas
3) Weed the garden and tend to it often, this is very relaxing work
4) Repair broken fences and clean the gutters
5) Water outdoor hanging baskets, flowers and the garden
6) Keep your deck and door way tidy, everything should have a place
7) If you have pets…poop duty is unfortunately a regular chore: Scoop the poop!
8) Wash your windows at least once during the summer
9) When the leaves arrive: rake them and take them to the compost
10) Time to enjoy a lovely lawn area-perfect for barbequing!


  • Repeat these tasks and encourage the family to assist as a fun filled day of keeping your yard safe and tidy
  • Your neighbours will be very happy with a clean and tidy neighbourhood for all to enjoy!

From the O'Chiese Local Community Newsletter July 2009 Edition