Fire Safety and Prevention!

In the Home...have a smoke alarm and practice your escape plan!!




  • When cooking, stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on the stove.
  • Wear short or tight-fitting sleeves when cooking.
  • Keep towels, pot holders, curtains, and paper products away from the stove.
  • Keep the stove and oven clean to prevent grease build-up.
  • If a cooking fire starts, smother it with a pot lid. Never throw water on a grease fire.
  • Heat oil slowly to avoid splattering. Be extra careful when frying foods.
  • When cooking in a microwave, do not use metal objects or aluminum foil (they could start a fire). If a fire starts in the microwave, keep the door closed.
  • Checks the kitchen before you go to bed or leave your house to be sure all appliances are turned off. Never use the stove or oven to heat your home!


Space Heaters


  • Keep space heaters at least 3 feet away from anything that can burn-including furniture, blankets, curtains, and paper products.
  • Choose space heaters that turn off automatically if they tip over.
  • Never use a space heater to dry clothing and Turn off space heaters before you go to bed.


Fire places


  • Have a service person inspect and clean your chimney or wood stove each year.
  • Use a metal or glass fireplace screen to keep sparks from hitting nearby carpets or furniture.
  • Keep air inlets on wood stoves open.
  • Keep kindling, paper, and décor away from fireplaces and wood stoves.
  • Never use gas or lighter fluid to start a fireplace or wood stove.
  • Burn only seasoned hardwood. Burning soft, moist wood causes a lot of creosote build-up and can cause a chimney fire.
  • Don't burn cardboard boxes, newspaper, or trash. They burn too hot and can cause a chimney fire.
  • Be sure vent pipes extend at least 3 feet above the roof.
  • Tip: it is a good idea to invest in a fire extinguisher and learn how to use one, all kitchens should have one.




  • If you smoke, think about quitting. For help to quit smoking, call 1-800-QUIT-NOW (1-800-784-8669).
  • Never smoke in bed.
  • Put out all cigarettes, cigars, or pipes before you leave the room.
  • Use deep ashtrays. Don't put ashtrays on the arms of sofas or chairs.
  • Soak ashes in water before dumping them in the trash.
  • If you feel sleepy while reading or watching TV, put your cigarette out.
  • Close the matchbook before striking a match. Set cigarette lighters to low.
  • Keep matches and lighters locked up, away from children. Teach children to tell you if they find a lighter or matches.




  • Never leave a lit candle unattended.
  • Keep candles out of reach of children and pets.
  • Keep lit candles away from bedding, curtains, and anything that can burn.
  • Put candles in sturdy metal, glass, or ceramic holders.
  • Place candles where they cannot tip over.
  • Blow out candles after use and before going to bed.
  • If the power goes out, avoid carrying a lit candle. Use a flashlight instead.




  • Keep grills at least 10 feet from siding and eaves.
  • Never use a grill in a garage or carport.
  • Before using a gas grill, check hoses and connections for leaks.
  • Never overfill a propane tank.
  • When lighting a charcoal grill, use only charcoal starter fluid. Never add fluid after the fire is started.
  • To dispose of hot coals, soak them with water and stir to make sure the fire is out.
  • Never put coals in plastic, wood, or paper containers.


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Have a smoke alarm and practice your escape plan!!