Uphold our inherent rightts to our lands, community and resources. To promote unity with trust, respect and kindness. 


*Lands Administration



           ~Liaise with Oil and Gas on reserve

           ~Works with Consultation, Community and Elders

           ~Enforcing By-Laws

*Road -Use and Monitor

           ~Coordinates permits and licenses. Road Use Agreements, Maintenance Fees and Mapping.

           ~Liaison for oil and gas located in the Calgary O'Chiese Energy Office.

           ~Completion of Petroleum Upstream Certificate from SAIT 2018.

           ~Monitoring the O'Chiese Roads

           ~Emforcing Road Bans , School Ban Hours, Permits and Safety.



*Town Centre Project: Grocery Store, Gas Bar, and Infrastructure for Future Development. The town centre project serves our remote community, businesses, contractors and our neighbors with services otherwise sourced off the Nation. Coordination of road monitoring and road use maintains safety and revenue for infrastructure.


*Waste Water Feasibility Study for a Waste Treatment Plant


*Well Drilling Tax: First Nation in Canada to implement on depth of drilling.


*Property Tax: Provides for all needed infrastructure and improvements and programs within our Nation.




*Solar Project

*ATR Lands

*Building partnerships with companies contribting to our economic growth.



Lands Manager and Tax Administrator: Rhonda Svederus

Road Use Coordinator: Tyler Strawberry

By-Law Officer: 

Road Monitor: Colleen Strawberry


O'Chiese Lands Department

Box 1570

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

T4T 0B7