Property Management is to build quality new homes in the community, enhancing and expanding capacity of current homes, while implementing preventative measures through proper maintenance and community engagement.

     The condition of existing homes varies from new, built in compliance with code standards; to aged, deteriorated past their life cycle; to unfit for habitation.

     The entire on-reserve housing stock is owned by O'Chiese First Nation; however, power and gas bills for the homes are the responsibility of the occupant.

   The maintenance of all housing facilities is undertaken by the O'Chiese First Nation Property Management Department.



*Develop Records System-continue to grow our database ensuring a records system that leads to a more efficient department.

*Housing Policy-This is a very important item for Property Management as it will be our central document from which we make a lot of our decisions for the community.

*Housing Committee-Implement a committee to ensure that policies and selection criteria are administered in an equitabe, just and professional manner.

*Department Structure- Continually look at the structure of our department as it grows and changes, and the needs of the community grow and change.

*Past Project Clean Up- Continue to move forward while dealing with the past outstanding projects. While cumbersome at times, it is important to Property Management that all projects get equal attention and care.

*Building Standards Manual- Compile a manual for standard building practices in conjunction wiht the National Building Code to protect the community and their assets.

*Maintenance Awareness- Train the community in standard home maintenance practices leading to more preventative savings, overall housing condition improvement and less reliance on Property Management empowering occupants to be more self reliant.

*Capacity Development- Training for individuals in the field, in the office and a combination of those in both are required to ensure continued positive progression in services offered to the community.

*Funding-O'Chiese commits a significant dollar amount to its housing needs. Finding potential alternate sources of income to lower this burden and supplement the costs is imperative.



/images/bylaw residency ochiese oct 15 19.pdf



7 Plumbers

25 Carpenters 

7 Admin Staff: 

Aron Austad                                                        Tyson Howatt
Maintenance Manager -                                        Construction/Project Manager
Property Management Department                        Property Management Department
Box 2971                                                            Box 2971
Rocky Mountain House, AB                                                     Rocky Mountain House, AB
T4T 1P2                                                              T4T 1P2
T: 403.798.0636    C:                                          T: 403.798.0636    C: 

Office Hours:

Monday- Thursday 8:30am-4:30pm

                   Friday 8:30am-12:00pm


After Hours Emergency: 403-846-5513

Property Management relocated to the Old School Building



Property and Construction Management Update



New duplex units being built on O'Chiese three units are scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2018 they are funded by INAC and O'Chiese First Nation. Tyson Howett, Construction Manager, is doing a great job overseeing the construction for O'Chiese First Nation. Nice work Tyson and Team!

Photos taken 2017