O'Chiese Utilities Grand Opening


O'Chiese First Nation is proud to present the grand opening of their Utilities Company in October 2019!



O'Chiese Utilities has two employees Myra Strawberry-Accounting and Administration and Alex McNafe-Operator.

On August 21, 2019 was the first day of gas supplied to O'Chiese First Nation Members.



We have ordered 20 meters to replace the old ones.



An appointment is required. Please make an appointment with Myra if you have natural gas and complete a "New Customer Form" or if work needs to be completed by ATCO with O'Chiese Utilities support.   



If there are any gas leak incidents you will need to call ATCO emergency line at 1-800-511-3447





Cody Conturier

O'Chiese Utilities

Box 1570

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

T4T 1B2

Telephone: 403-989-0008