The O’Chiese Marketplace will present the Sunchild-O’Chiese Cadet Corps

with a donation cheque for $2500!


                                On Tuesday January 28, 2020 the O'Chiese Marketplace is donating the Sunchild-O'Chiese Cadet Corps $2500.

                                The Sunchild-O’Chiese Cadet Corp was created by Cst. Todd DePagie in 2009 after many meetings with the Chiefs,

                                Elders, community and the start up of the board the first Sunchild-O’Chiese Cadet Corps occurred on April 20, 2010

                                and have since then been assisting Aboriginal youth to develop self-esteem and learn the dangers of drugs and gang

                                activities while providing positive activities for the youth on both Nations. Cst. Depagie was transferred in 2013 but

                                the work he created carries on.  So for the 10th year of the Sunchild-O’Chiese Cadet Corps the Marketplace upon the

                                direction of Chief Douglas Beaverbones is donating $2500 to continue to keep providing this activity for the youth.